Mini UI Challenges
Here is a collection on some self iniciated mini ui challenges. It started off with a one line brief, which I then went away to find soultions to the brief.

I tried to pick briefs around subjects that I'm interested in, as well as real issues when looking through the current apps.

Mini UI challenges


Adidas app ui
Trainers are something I have an interest in, with Adidas being one of my favoruite brands. I normally purchase all my Adidas trainers via their website, with their app being very buggy and often unreliable.

This is why I decided to redesign their app and make it more in line with their website experience.

Adidas app


World Cup app ui
With being an avid football fan I watched a lot of the Word Cup when possible. If I was at work or simply not able to watch a game I would use the Official FIFA World Cup app to keep up to date with England team news, scores and team lin-ups.

This is where I discovered a lot of issues with the app. I found a lot of the functionality was hidden within the app, that I would have to drill down to find the relevent information. Another big issue was speed and it's ability to provide the most up to date scores or information. 

I used all these first hand pain points as well as carrying out my own research into finding out what the most common problems were when looking at the App reviews on the App Store.

World Cup app


Glastonbury app ui
After seeing the annoucment of the first headliners of the 2019 Glastonbury festival, I decided to have a look to see if Glastonbury had an app. They had previosuly created an app but it's currently not live on the App Store. I decided to design an app, with the view that it would be aimed at people who are attending the musical festival.


Glastonbury festival app